Tohkomeupog is fortunate to be located both within the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, as well as on the edge of the White Mountain National Forest. This creates endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Trips are, without doubt, one of the most highly anticipated and memorable components of our program. By foot on the mountain trail and by canoe on the river, our campers have journeyed into spectacular wilderness areas.

They have felt the gratification of standing upon high mountain peaks – beholding the landscape, in all its magnificence, spread out before them. They have felt the thrill of maneuvering through swift moving waters – discovering new delights around each bend of the river. They have felt the tranquility of paddling across peaceful expanses of lake – satisfied smiles echoed as paddle-rippled reflections in the calm waters.

Most of the trips at Tohkomeupog also involve overnight camping. Our youngest campers frequently campout on the far reaches of our own expansive property. In this way, we can offer them the feel of a “wilderness experience” within close proximity to camp. Older boys may pack all of their food and gear with them, setting up remote campsites somewhere along the trail, or on the river’s edge.

Trips at Tohkomeupog are progressive, evolving with the boys as they move into older encampments. Not only do standard trips become more challenging and extensive, but a greater variety of options become available to them. Also, more responsibility for trip preparation and campsite management is shared with older campers. It is our intent that boys will take from camp the skill and experience they need to enjoy lifelong outdoor adventures.