Tohko Clans

At Tohkomeupog, campers are divided into four clans, based primarily upon grade at school. Clans reside in separate encampment areas, each comprised of a group of cabins, nestled amongst the trees, and situated near game courts and playing fields. Each clan is guided by a select team of counselors working under the supervision of a Clan Director. Together, they create program specifically designed to meet the needs, satisfy the interests, and encourage the enthusiasm of their campers. Click on each clan name for a brief description.

Bear Clan – (completed 2nd – 4th grades)

An introduction to all camp activities is offered to our youngest campers. Longer rest periods, earlier bedtime, more story hours, and lots of games characterize the program in this encampment. Bear Clan campers enjoy hiking and canoeing excursions off property, often followed by overnight camping experiences in the woodlands across our own private lake at established Tohkomeupog campsites.

Deer Clan – (completed 4th - 6th grades)

Activities and games in the Deer Clan become more complex with an emphasis on teamwork and organization. Sports are more competitive and occasionally other camps are engaged in competition. Hiking and canoeing trips become a bit more strenuous and overnight camping sometimes occurs off-property. On trip, Deer Clan campers begin to gain practical experience using campcraft skills learned during activity periods.

Panther Clan – (completed 6th - 8th grades)

Activities in the Panther Clan advance to higher levels of skill and games become more highly contested. Sports competitions against other camps become more frequent. Mountain trails become more challenging and rivers more turbulent as whitewater is introduced into the curriculum. Mountain biking and rock climbing trips are added as adventure options. Occasional dances with nearby girl’s camps add a social component to the program.

Wolf Clan – (completed 8th – 10th grades)

Skills are polished in the Wolf Clan as campers tend to focus on those activities in which they wish to excel. Opportunities exist for more extensive overnight trips with more responsibility being shared between staff and campers. Sea kayaking is the newest addition to the program. More inter-camp competition, more coed activities and a greater emphasis towards developing leadership typify the program of our oldest campers.

CIT – (completed 11th – 12th grades)

Out of the Wolf Clan emerge potential candidates for the Counselor-in-Training Program. Interested campers complete an application process, top applicants being selected by current members of the Wolf Clan staff. CITs participate in a scheduled rotation, spending 2 weeks immersed within each of the younger encampments. They live in cabins, help instruct activities and assist in all areas of the program, including trip leadership. The CIT experience at Tohkomeupog is intensive and challenging... enlightening and rewarding. Boys completing the experience gain valuable insight that will be of benefit to them throughout life.