At Tohkomeupog, adventure presents itself in many forms. Being away from home, meeting new friends, sharing a small living space, climbing a mountain – each of these extraordinary opportunities could be thought of as a type of personal adventure. Any “journey” that introduces new situations or environments – to explore and discover in ways that sometimes approach the edge of personal comfort zones – that is true adventure.

At camp, opportunities for adventure are celebrated, perhaps most prominently on trip. While hiking and canoeing expeditions maintain a traditional importance in our program, camp has expanded the trip curriculum over the years by incorporating a variety of more extreme adventure activities. Opportunities such as Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, White Water Canoeing and Sea Kayaking are now an exciting part of our repertoire.

As mentioned in the ‘trips’ section, the program at Tohkomeupog evolves with the campers as they move to older encampments. Adventure activities are integrated gradually. In the Bear & Deer Clans, Climbing Wall is a popular activity option. Actual rock climbing trips are introduced in the Panther Clan, along with Mountain Biking and White Water Canoeing. Sea Kayaking is saved for campers in the Wolf Clan.

Although these activities have now become more commonplace at camp, they are anything, but routine. All adventure activities focus on safety as the top priority – and initial training will often be done right at camp. A network of mountain biking trails, a climbing wall, and of course, our private lake, enables boys to practice appropriate techniques before heading out into the wild.