Team Sports

At Tohkomeupog, team sports are carefully blended with other traditional camp activities to provide for a balanced and varied program. Although we do not consider ourselves a sports camp, opportunities are provided for all boys to improve their understanding and skill in a variety of team sports. Camp facilities support active programs in tennis, lacrosse, street hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer.

Tohkomeupog coaches are talented counselors who participate on various high school and college-level teams. Competition in sports at Tohkomeupog exists internally, within encampments. Occasionally, one clan will challenge another in friendly competition. These challenges can cause quite a stir around camp... and often create some of our fondest memories. Competition in sports also occurs with some of our neighboring camps.

One of our most highly anticipated all-camp competitions is the annual Tohkomeupog Invitational Track Meet. Campers of all ages participate in a variety of track & field events against challengers from other camps. Whether they are jumping as high as they can over a bar, running as fast as they can down a lane, or cheering as loud as they can from the side, this is one of those events that welcomes everyone as part of the team.

For boys who are not drawn towards participation in team sports, a highly competitive nature is not necessary to have a successful summer at Tohkomeupog. And for that matter, many boys who are typically involved with team sports at home, come to camp to try other activities instead. What we hope is that any boy having a desire to get to know a particular sport a little better will be comfortable giving it a try at Tohkomeupog.