Traditional Activities

At Tohkomeupog, traditional camp activities are carefully blended with team sports to provide for a balanced and varied program. While many boys have the opportunity to participate in team sports at home, some of the most unique and popular activities at camp are those which may not be so readily available. And it is here that many boys will discover the joy of competition – in this case, challenging themselves.

Archery and Riflery are consistently two of our most popular choices. Following national standards of instruction and safety, both of these programs require disciplined patience, determined focus – and offer an extremely satisfying personal challenge. All of the counselors at Tohkomeupog assist with instruction at the archery range and rifle center – working under the watchful guidance of dedicated Activity Heads.

Campcraft and Woodlore are also popular activities. In Campcraft, campers learn important skills that will come in handy during overnight camping excursions – campfire safety, whittling, and basic cooking, for example. In Woodlore, camper will journey into the forested areas around camp to study various aspects of nature, often returning with exciting stories of mysterious woodland noises and unexpected wildlife encounters.

Other traditional camp activities include those mentioned in both the ‘Waterfront’ and ‘Adventure’ sections. Shooting an arrow into a target... building a campfire... pitching a tent... paddling a canoe... climbing a rock... identifying a tree... standing on a paddleboard... or simply looking at the stars – all of these contribute towards the essence of a true camp experience.