The Waterfront

Private and pristine, the waters of Purity Lake offer sanctuary to loon, beaver, otter and heron – not to mention an active group of enthusiastic campers. The waterfront is undeniably one of the most alluring and popular places in camp. Along with that, it is our goal to maintain it as one of the safest places in camp. As such, the lake is treated with respect... and certified lifeguards are present whenever campers are involved in aquatic activity.

Tohkomeupog considers learning to swim an important accomplishment for every boy – it is one of the few mandatory activities at camp. Lessons occur on most mornings and follow standards as set by the American Red Cross. Unlike other camps which have dedicated waterfront instructors, all of the counselors at Tohkomeupog teach swimming lessons. This is done under the guidance of our certified Waterfront Director.

Aside from lessons, much time is spent splashing around in the lake, especially during a hot summer. A water trampoline, diving board, float, and rolling logs are popular free-swim activities. Beyond the boundaries of the swimming area, the waters of Purity Lake support a variety of small craft movement: sailboats, rowboats, canoes, kayaks... and our most recent addition to the fleet – paddleboards.

Across the lake, at Sunset Beach, is where the water-ski boat is docked. Campers roar with delight as rushing air molds their faces into determined smiles. Encouragement and instruction is offered in waterskiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding. Safety is stressed at all times! For boys choosing not to get pulled behind the boat, beach volleyball, sand castle sculpting, splashing in the water, and fishing are popular alternative activities.