Tohko Today

Today - Tohkomeupog still rests on what was once the old Harmon homestead... and continues to find strength in being a small, close-knit community, now hosting about 100 campers each session. Campers are divided into four clans, based primarily upon grade: Bear, Deer, Panther and Wolf. This allows each camper to experience camp, and develop core friendships, within his own peer group.

Clans reside in separate encampment areas, each comprised of a group of cabins, nestled amongst the trees, and situated near game courts and playing fields. Each clan is guided by a select team of counselors working under the supervision of a Clan Director. Together, they create program specifically designed to meet the needs, satisfy the interests, and encourage the enthusiasm of their campers.

Campers live in comfortable screened in cabins with bathroom facilities and electricity. Each cabin typically houses 4 to 6 campers, along with a full-time counselor. Although the buildings, facilities and programs have seen substantial modification since early days, the basic ideals and philosophies of Tohkomeupog have remained steadfast. The result of this is a cherished legacy of tradition highlighting the enduring success of Milt’s vision.