Tohko Philosophy

At Tohkomeupog, we firmly believe that a summer camp experience should be one of lasting value to each and every boy.

We strive to create a “safe environment” in which a boy can express himself with confidence. Positive attitudes, firm friendships, and friendly spirits encourage this confidence and support each camper’s attempt to challenge personal boundaries – physically, mentally and socially. We believe in individual freedom of choice. Therefore, we offer each boy the widest possible range of options – and then allow him to actively participate in customizing his program.

We focus on those skills which can best be acquired and enjoyed out of doors. We believe that a boy needs this outdoor experience for a healthy balance in his life. It is also our feeling that better understanding will lead to a more fulfilling enjoyment. So experiences at camp should be educational, as well as recreational in nature.

A boy may find satisfaction, as well as shelter, in the lean-to he created with his own hands. He may not only enjoy the flavor of a tasty meal, but also the fact that he cooked it for himself in a fireplace that he helped to build. Possibilities for learning at camp are endless – and so, therefore, is the potential for enjoyment.

A camper should discover the wonderful reality of those outdoor adventures many boys find only in books. He will thrill to the call of the mountain trail and be awed by the splendor of reaching the highest peak. He will swim in the sparkling waters of a private lake. He will learn to navigate a canoe, and feel the power of the river rippling beneath him. The trees, the flowers, and the woodland creatures will reveal themselves to him – and grasp his attention. A new world of interests will be his to enjoy for life.