Overnight - Tent Camping

One of the coolest opportunities available at The Lodges is the ability to camp out.  Immersing oneself in the outdoors… cooking food over a fire… sleeping in a tent (or staying awake and listening to forest melodies) – these are mainstay scouting experiences.

At The Lodges, tenting can be experienced in several ways.  For those looking to stay in close proximity to the retreat center, tents may be placed in the open spaces around the camp cabins… or nestled amongst the trees just within the forest edge. 

For a slightly more removed experience, the waterfront might be a nice place to settle in for the night.  On a clear night, the stars above the waterfront can be spectacular.  Just be aware, we maintain a portable outhouse during the summer months, however, it may not be available at other times of year.

Remote camping may be available on the backside of Purity Lake.  There are a couple of established group campsites where limited use is permitted.  Accessible by car for emergencies, these sites are perhaps best reached via hiking on trails or canoeing across the lake.

Tenting is also available on our Danforth Bay property.  In fact, Danforth Bay has numerous established camp sites, which could be a great way to split large groups into smaller units.  Danforth sites are accessible by car… and are equipped with fire pits for cooking.  Bathhouses are available.

Regardless of where you decide to set up your tent, the forest is nearby and waiting to be explored.  Hiking trails have been blazed on both sides of the lake, with some sections that are wide and flat… some with gentle ups and downs… and some that offer a steeper uphill challenge.

If you are looking for higher elevation gain than we can provide here on property, consider using The Lodges as your base camp while you explore the nearby White Mountain National Forrest.  Many day hikes can be found within a very reasonable distance.