Overnight - Lodge Rooms

Staying in Lodge Rooms is a great option if you want to be able to enjoy all of the outdoor camp facilities... and also have the benefits of made-up beds and private bathrooms with hot water.  Seriously, it's okay to admit if you don't want to totally rough it anymore! 

There are four main buildings, each containing a number of individual guest rooms.  Each building has a shared common room area.  Buildings range in capacity, so the size of your group will determine which option best fits your need.  Some buildings also have private kitchen facilities.

Most rooms are set up to comfortably house between 4 to 8 people, using a combination of queen-size, twin-size and bunk-style beds.  Extra cots can added in some of the rooms.  Bed linens are included.  Minimal housekeeping service is provided. 

Osceola Lodge has eight rooms – sleeps about 56 people (1 person per bed.)  A large common room is perfect for group gatherings.  There are no private kitchen facilities in Osceola.
Osceola Layout (PDF) 

Tecumseh Lodge has eight rooms – sleeps about 46 people (1 person per bed.)  The main camp dining room is located in Tecumseh.  Meals are served here for groups staying in any of the lodges.  There are no private kitchen facilities in Tecumseh.  The dining room can also serve as a meeting space when meals are not in service.
Tecumseh Layout (PDF) 

Carrigain Lodge has four rooms - sleeps about 21 people (1 person per bed.)  Carrigain has a spacious common room and a fully equipped private kitchen. 
Carrigain Layout (PDF) 

Starr King Lodge has five rooms - sleeps about 20 people (1 person per bed.)  Starr King has a cozy common room and a small private kitchen.
Starr King Layout (PDF) 


Rate Structure - Lodge Rooms - PDF