Overnight - Camp Cabins

Immerse yourself in the rustic coziness of camp.  Staying in one of the camper cabins gets you the convenience of a private bathroom, plus all the sights, sounds and smells of life at camp.  Cabins are set up to sleep 6 to 8 people, using a combintation of camper cots and bunk-style beds. 

Cabins are not heated, but do have electricity and private bathrooms with toilets and cold-water sinks. Hot water showers are availalbe at a separate location.  During the winter season, running water will not be available in cabins. 

There are four distinct groupings (encampments) of camp cabins.  Each encampment contains play areas, established fire pits and additional space for setting up tents.

Bear Clan has 3 cabins – sleeps about 18 people (1 person per bed.)

Deer Clan has 4 cabins - sleeps about 32 people (1 person per bed) 

Panther Clan has 6 cabins - sleeps about 48 people (1 person per bed)

Wolf Clan has 4 cabins - sleeps about 36 people (1 person per bed)


Rental Fee:  Cabin - $60.00 weekend (Friday thru Sunday)

*rates do not include 9% room & meals tax
*use of camp facilities included
*cabins have private bathrooms with toilets and cold water sinks
*bring your own sleeping bag / bed linens & towels
*no housekeeping service provided
*pets are permitted in cabins 

Pet Policy - pets are welcome to stay in camp cabins.  Pets are not permitted in main buildings & common areas​