Merit Badges

One of the things we are most excited about is helping scouts chip away at merit badge requirements.  The Lodges at Tohkomeupog can provide the perfect learning environment, with both indoor classroom-style spaces and incredible outdoor settings.

For many badges, by combining the necessary tools & materials with the proper coaching & guidance, a lot may be accomplished.  Clearly, this combination can be established in lots of locations… and so a trip to The Lodges may not be necessary.

What we envision is the creation of weekend or multi-day experiences, which include all the fun and comradery of a getaway adventure, along with a certain amount of focused time on specific merit badge requirements.  In that mindset, a trip to The Lodges should definitely be considered. 

We have all the props and facilities of a summer camp, retreat center, ski area and campground within reach, meaning we have lots of cool stuff at our fingertips.  We are also fortunate to have a lot of expertise on staff, both within and external to the scouting community. 

But what really makes an impression is the property itself.  This is a very comfortable destination spot within a beautiful wilderness setting.  We are surrounded by opportunities to get out into the woods and appreciate nature.

Among the merit badges we can accommodate are astronomy, athletics, backpacking, camping, canoeing, cooking, bird study, environmental science, fish & wildlife management, fishing, forestry, hiking, mammal study, nature, orienteering, pioneering, small boat sailing, swimming, and weather.

During ski season, we are able to place special focus on the snow sports badge.  The Lodges are within walking distance from the slopes of King Pine Ski Area.  By tapping into the expertise of our rental shop, ski patrol and ski school, we can offer a comprehensive and fun experience.