Time of Year


In many ways, the fall season may be the perfect time to take advantage of Scouting Opportunities.  The weather stays nice… the bugs are gone… and the waters of Purity Lake are still welcoming to swimmers, at least into the month of September.  This is a great time for merit badge work.

After our summer camp wraps up in late August, much of the props and equipment remain available for use.  Providing appropriate staff requirements are met, specialty activity areas, such as archery and climbing wall, might still be incorporated into your adventure at The Lodges.

Down at the waterfront, a variety of small craft are ready for use.  Rowboats, canoes, kayaks and sailboats are great ways to enjoy and explore the lake.  A boat trip into the NH Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, especially near dusk, is a wonderful way to enjoy this unusual natural environment.

As foliage turns and color erupts throughout the forest, camping adventures and hiking expeditions become especially surreal.  Fall is a great time to think about large gatherings, such as multi-troop events and district-wide camporees.


Even as colder air settles in, groups small and large are welcome to gather here… enjoy the comradery… and generate warmth as their adventure unfolds.  King Pine Ski Area usually opens for the start of the ski season in mid-December. 

The Lodges at Tohkomeupog is conveniently located near the base of King Pine Ski Area, which offers a variety of alpine terrain for skiers and riders to work on snow sports skills.  The wilderness around the lake supports an extensive snowshoe and cross-country-ski trail system. 

If cold-weather camping is appealing for your group, tents may be set up in certain areas around The Lodges.  Tenting is also readily available throughout the winter months at nearby Danforth Bay, and large groups may be more comfortable in that location. 

Camp cabins may also be available in the winter.  At times when heat and running water are not priorities, but basic shelter is desired and electricity appreciated, camp cabins can provide a cozy option on a cold winter night.   For even more comfort, lodge rooms are always an option.


The slopes of King Pine traditionally close on the last weekend of March, whatever that date happens to be.  By that point, we are always looking forward to the onset of spring.  The time it takes to actually transition to spring is dependent on Mother Nature’s demeanor.

On heavy snow years, larger piles of snow sometimes linger into May… and the ice on the lake will typically vanish sometime in April.  Merit badge sessions are welcome to continue, with the focus being on those badges that don’t require summer camp props and materials. 

Springtime gatherings at The Lodges will look to the creativity of the organizers.  Unlike the fall, there will not be a lot of summer facilities set up for use.  This would be a great time for weekend troop getaways and district-wide events.

The Lodges at Tohkomeupog is available until mid-June when we start focusing on running our residential camp for boys.  Even at that point, if indoor space is needed for board meetings or training purposes, we do have options on other parts of the property.