District Opportunities

We have plenty of space available to welcome district-sized events at The Lodges.  In fact, depending upon the specific nature of the event, we may be able to provide you with several options to consider.  It was our pleasure to host the Historic District for their Spring Camporee in 2016.

The grounds of Tohkomeupog are designed to handle groups of kids.  Around the main campus, there is ample space for tenting, either as a large group in one big space, or perhaps as smaller units spread throughout the grounds.  Some groups prefer combining tenting out with “sleeping in.”  For those groups, camping inside the rustic cabins may be a good option. 

At times when heat is not a priority, but basic shelter is desired and electricity appreciated, camp cabins can provide a cozy option for a slightly less ‘roughing it’ adventure.   For even more comfort, such as hot water showers, lodge rooms may be a good option.

Tucked into the trees around camp are potential gathering spots for specific activities or meeting places. Established fire pits and cooking areas are available.  We are happy to help you explore the nooks and crannies around camp to find the best space to satisfy your needs. 

There are a couple spots around camp where flagpoles are available for daily ceremonial purposes.  For traditional gatherings and special ceremonies, our council bowl area with amphitheater-style seating around a large central fire pit may be the perfect venue.

Down the road at Danforth Bay, both large open spaces and smaller, established campsites are available.  During the winter months, the expansive grounds at Danforth may be the perfect setting for a District-sized winter Klondike Adventure.