Counselors & Camaraderie

Whether kids come to camp alone, or with companions from home, they will soon discover that friendship and fun are integral parts of this experience.  While many kids return to camp from year-to-year, we are happy to welcome new kids of all ages to Ski & Snowboard Camp.  Our youngest campers are age 8 (2nd grade), and range up to age 16 (10th grade).  Regardless of age, kids who come to camp will discover a unique experience with a very ‘cool’ group of people who inevitably become friends. 

Counselors at Ski & Snowboard Camp are caring and competent, ranging from high school students to parents of current campers.  Many of our counselors have enjoyed their own camper days at camp… some of us have been around for quite some time.  Counselors act as the instructors on the slopes.  Off the slopes, counselors oversee daily progam, nightly activities, socials, meals, and dormitory life… support and supervision is readily available.