Stone Environmental School

Stone Environmental School of New England is a private, nonprofit school offering residential and day programs for a wide range of students and teachers.  Stone welcomes elementary and middle school students, and also offers unique high school programming. 

Along with environmental education, Stone also offers experiential eco-adventures!  Stone facilitates team-building challenges, leadership activities, and teacher trainings.  Stone's environmental education programs emphasize experiential and interdisciplinary field studies.​

Stone Environmental School was founded by Waldo Stone in 1958.  Waldo's vision was to create a school where children and adults would learn appreciation for the natural beauty and wonder of New England through experiences they would carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Stone has been operating at Tohkomeupog's Retreat Center since 1993.  The facilities of Tohkomeupog offer students hearty meals and comfortable accomodation, while the surrounding wilderness area and the waters of Purity Lake reflect the purest beauty of New Hampshire.

This is the perfect location for kids to immerse themselves in a diverse natural setting while learning about the environment.  Stone's program is as entertaining as it is engaging and educational.  For more information, please visit their official website at Stone Environmental School.