Scouting Opportunities

The Lodges at Tohkomeupog is pleased to partner with the Daniel Webster Council of the Boys Scouts of America.  Our goal is to bring a variety of Scouting Opportunities to youth of New Hampshire, with the mission of helping to advance participants on a journey of personal exploration and growth within the Scouting community.

We are located in East Madison, New Hampshire – centrally situated within the Abnaki District near the eastern border of the state.  Assuming favorable conditions, we can easily be accessed by car from the farthest reaches of New Hampshire within a 3-hour drive.  Our location is reasonable for day trips from many parts of the state, and certainly for overnight adventures.

The Lodges at Tohkomeupog sit on about 1,000 acres of land, much of it wilderness.  The property is beautiful – a small valley surrounded by forested hills that slope down to the pristine and peaceful waters of Purity Lake.  A portion of lake-frontage is utilized as a wildlife sanctuary by New Hampshire Audubon.  Aside from that, this is essentially a private setting.

A few miles down the road, Danforth Bay Camping Resort is also part of this family-owned property.  At certain times of year, including the winter months, this extensive campground could be the ideal location for a scouting adventure.  From smaller camping excursions, to large-scale district events, we are prepared to host a variety fo programs.

During ski season, the whole property transforms into a winter playground.  The Lodges at Tohkomeupog is conveniently located near the base of King Pine Ski Area, which offers a variety of alpine terrain for skiers and riders to work on snow sports skills.  The wilderness around the lake supports an extensive snowshoe and cross-country-ski trail system. 

With all of the lodging options and facilities of a summer camp, retreat center, ski area and campground at our fingertips, we have the capability of catering to a wide range of scouting interests and endeavors.  Opportunity for recreational and educational outdoor experiences and nature study is abundantly available.

Under the guidance and leadership of experienced members of the scouting community, we very much look forward to assisting you with the creation of your scouting adventure.  As a beginning, I invite you to explore the information contained on these pages.  Once you have checked us out, please contact us if you would like your adventure to continue.