Basket Weaving

Janet Johnson

Janet, who lives in Freedom, NH, has been a Shaker-style basket weaver for over 30 years. She makes hundreds of baskets each year for shops and her own in-home basket fair annually the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Janet learned to make her first basket from a friend on the shores of Lake Ossipee and was immediately hooked on basketweaving!  Shortly after that, she was juried by the League of NH Craftsmen and began selling her baskets and teaching classes to young people and adults in schools, camps, community centers and Elderhostels.  Everyone loves that they leave her classes with a finished beautiful basket!  Janet loves teaching basket weaving and is looking forward to being with you Artisans Weekend. 


Workshop ~ Basket Weaving - Double Wine Basket

In this class, you will weave a basket that fits 2 wine bottles.  From cutting the spokes to the correct sizes... to weaving the sides and adding weavers of your color choice... to adding the rim and lacing it together, you WILL learn how to make a basket!  This is a great basket to bring wine to a party, or better yet, to give as a gift!

Saturday afternoon:  1:00pm - 4:00pm