Seeing with an Artist's Eye

Huntington Barclay

​Huntington Barclay, age 77, was a student of Frank Mason in NYC.  He worked as an instructor at the Famous Artist’s School in Westport, CT -- his portrait of Cornelius Bliss hangs in the director’s room at The Lincoln Center.  A large canvas of his called, SAILING HOME (4’X5’), was recently bought for the science building lobby at St. Paul’s school.  He lives with his wife and 11-year-old son in Silver Lake, NH, working out of his lakeside studio.


Workshop ~ Seeing with an Artist's Eye

This is a class in learning how to look at the world, not as a copyist, but rather as a co-creator.  Huntington Barclay brings a lifetime of experinece in art to this workshop in 'seeing.'  Most beginners think that, as artists, they have to look harder and see more to be better.  No.  Learning how to simplify one's looking is the key to learning how to see as a creative person.

Sunday morning:  9:00am - 12:00pm