Japanese Temari Ball

Caitriona Barclay

Caitriona Barclay moved to the US from Ireland in 2000 and lives with her family on Silver Lake, NH -- close to Purity Spring resort.  After graduating from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, she spent just over 10 years teaching Embroidery, Textile Design and Color to students of the 4-year Degree Program.  After a 15-year hiatus from her art, Caitriona has recently returned to her passion for Textile Art with renewed enthusiasm to explore and share new techniques and methods


Workshop ~ "Have a Ball" ~ Japanese Temari Ball Decoration

A thousand year old craft from Japan, Temari is traditionally given as a gift. From humble beginnings as simple toy balls for children's play, Temari creates a magnetic effect on viewers today. As a spectacular decorating focal point, the puzzle of the design is mesmerizing. The concept is simple and the end result is simply elegant!

Are you interested in Color and Texture?  Take Stitch to the next level & Explore Creative Design through traditional Japanese Temari Technique.  Achievable results for all levels -- if you can fold a paper strip into halves, fourths and eighths, you can make Temari! 

Participants will be supplied with all tools and materials required for class with opportunity to try a vast array of textures and colors from Caitriona's personal collection. Remember your glasses or magnifier as this  is fine work.  

Saturday morning:  9:00am - 12:00pm
Saturday afternoon:  1:00pm - 4:00pm