Painting with Fiber

Mabel Doyle  

Mabel Doyle is originally from Maine now lives and works in Wakefield, New Hampshire where she lives with her husband Jack.  Mabel works out of her studio in her home.  She works in oils and pastels... and recently began exploring fiber arts.  She enjoys creating country scenes by using the technique of needle felting. 

Mabel considers herself primarily a landscape artists, her oils and pastels focus on the mountains, sunsets, lakes and brooks, old buildings, barns and small town scenes.  Country scenes inspire her to reach for canvas, brush and paint. She is strongly influenced by Robert Scott Jackson of Newburyport, Massachusetts who she has worked with for 5 years.

Mabel exhibited her work at the Cottage in Newburyport, Mass. for many years. She also worked with the late, Carl Owens, at Mount Washington Valley Art Association and studied Pastels in Italy with the late Signature Artist, Norma Machado. She has exhibited her work in many venues throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She has won an award at the Sanford Arts Association of Maine and recently at Art at the Gafney 2015.


Workshop ~ Painting with Fiber

Learn to paint a landscape with fibers using a process that involves layering fibers and needle felting.  In this workshop we will paint with roving, which is fiber before it's spun into yarn.  We will use a felting needle, 100% wool felt, and a large sponge to create a "painting."

Sunday morning:  9:00am - 12:00pm